Information Science and Technology


Location:Lecturer/Associate Professor/ Professor

Salary:80,000 RMB

The College of Information Science and Technology offers 3 bachelor programs (Information Management & Information Systems, Computer Science and Technology, and Network Engineering), 3 master programs (Information Science, Library Science, and Computer Application Technology), and one doctoral program in Information Resources Management. There are about 1,000 enrolments and 51 faculty including 10 professors and 19 associate professors. Researchers of the College have published numerous articles and monographs in areas such as Information Retrieval, Intelligent Information Processing, Data Mining Technology, Multimedia Technology and Pattern Recognition, etc. They have undertaken a lot of core research projects sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Foundation of China as well as National High-Tech “863 Program”.

The College is recruiting faculty to fill vacancies in information science, management science and engineering, computer architecture, applied computer technology, and network engineering.

Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • Lecturing core courses to undergraduates and post-graduates; contributing to the discipline construction and academic research in Informetrics, Knowledge Organization and Mining, and Bioinformatics (taking texts as the data source).

  • A consecutive 5-year first employment contract signed.

  • A doctoral degree in Management Science and Engineering or Information Science from overseas prestige universities or research institutes.

  • Outstanding ability in academic research, with publications in international journals or periodicals pertaining to Management Science and Engineering or Information Science.

  • Good moral character, rigorous in academic research, good at interpersonal communication and teamwork and have enquiring mind in scientific research.

Compensation and Benefits:


  • A salary of 80,000 RMB per year (housing fund and allowance included) will be offered to PhD degree holders to fill lecturer positions. Salary for associate and full professors is negotiable.


  • PhD degree holders will be provided with an apartment.

  • A monthly rental allowance of 1,500 RMB will be offered, before the apartment is available for occupancy.

  • A monthly rental allowance of 2,000 RMB will be offered to PhD degree holders from world-renowned universities and research institutes overseas or awardees of “Dissertations of National Excellence” in China.

Special support

  • Outstanding new faculty will be supported by the “Zhongshan Early-career Researcher” Program and enjoy an additional yearly bonus of 30,000 RMB as well as other preferential policies for the duration of the program.

How to apply: Please email your application to Shuiqing Huang at directly by clicking Apply below.

Applicants should clearly state the specific position you apply for, submit a softcopy of updated CV and provide supporting materials about academic achievements.

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